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Mint Chip Ice Cream

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  • crunchy "floam" with foam chunks
  • choco sprinkles
  • mint chocolate ice cream scented
  • Size is 5 oz.

Ingredients: Glue, Lotion, Borax, foam pieces, Fragrance Oil, fake sprinkles.




All slimes are handmade by me! :-)
Slimes may look slightly different in colour on-screen and in person.
Slime may shrink/evaporate/melt (get very sticky) over time if left in a very hot/sunny environment, and may arrive sticky due to hot weather.
Keep slime out of direct sunlight to avoid all of the above, and to extend its longevity!



2-9 days for Canada
1-2 weeks for all other countries

Every order ships from Friday-Sunday of the same week. Keep in mind that the delivery estimates mentioned above start after the order has been shipped.

If you accidentally make two or more separate orders, I will ship them together in one package, if the orders have the same shipping address.

Canada Post does not provide a tracking number for orders shipping to any country other than Canada. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Customs/Duties fees are not included in my prices and are not covered by me. If you must pay Duties or Customs to receive your product, please contact your postal carrier to work it out with them.



I am not responsible for any allergic reactions. Please do not purchase my slime if you believe you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to any of the following ingredients: glue, shaving cream, borax, cornstarch, crayola model magic. daiso soft clay, any hand soap, any pigments/dyes, any lotions, any glitters, fake snow, instant snow, or any fragrance oils.

Slime and borax are NOT edible. I strongly urge you to keep very young children/toddlers/babies away from slime and any packaging. Do not let slime come into contact with any clothing or fabric.

Refunds will not be issued when buyer's slime care was negligent (ex. added too much activator, left slime in direct sunlight, etc). Follow the instructions on the slime care sheet included in your order to learn how to properly care for slime, or visit my "Slime Care" page on my site HERE. Refunds will not be issued if the buyer is unhappy with their slime because of a reason that was stated in the description of the product listing (ex. the description stating that the slime may be slightly sharp/pointy to the touch).



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