Prices in checkout are in Canadian Dollars. Payments are processed in Canadian Dollars.


How much are your slimes?

Prices are listed on my store when I restock. please don't ask me how much they cost, just wait until Monday to see them.


What time on Mondays do you restock?

I get home at different times every monday, so I don't want to set an exact time, just in case i'm late. It's always sometime in the evening, around 5 to 6pm EST during the school year, or around 3-4pm EST during the winter and summer breaks. Turn on post notifications for my Instagram account- I always make a post when I restock! This is the best way to be on time for my restock :)


Do you ship internationally?

I currently ship to Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Japan, France, and Germany. I may add more countries if there is high demand.

NOTE: Tracking numbers are not available for any countries except Canada.


What kind of payments do you accept?

At the moment, I only accept paypal. However, there is still a way to pay with your credit/debit card! Simply create a paypal account, then link your card to the account. :)


Do you do custom orders? / Can I review your slime? / Will you give me a shouthout/f4f? / Will you send me free slime? / Can you give me a recipe?


Can you review my slime?

Yes, I accept reviews on my backup account, @goopybun! Message me there. :-)


Who made your icon / logo?

I did. I can't make you one, sorry!

Can I repost your videos with credit?

On Instagram, sure! On YouTube, nope!

Do your slimes contain borax?

Yes! FYI, Ingredients are listed in the description of every slime listing.


What's your filming setup?

I use a tripod (from eBay) with my iPhone 6. I have one softbox equipped with an incandescent 5600K light bulb hanging overhead my phone setup for artificial/daylight mimicking lighting. My filming surface is a white desk.


Are your nails real?

Yes, check out my nail account @superknails for pics of them.


Why do you only ship on weekends?

Every day of the week is dedicated to my store. On Mondays, I restock my slimes for people to buy. On Tuesdays, I print help sheets and order slips and prepare/organize them. On Wednesday, I do internal packing (I pack the slimes in bags with the order/help sheets). On Thursday, I do external packing and buy shipping labels. Finally, on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I bring the parcels to the post office and ship them out. It may not seem like I do much each day, but I also go to college full-time, so most of my time is dedicated to school. I only have a few hours at the end of each day to dedicate to my store, so spacing the tasks out throughout the week is the best way for me to not overwork myself. Remember, I get a LOT of orders, and these tasks can easily take hours to complete. I'm a human being who has a life outside of my store and Instagram, please don't forget that!


Your slimes are too expensive! Can't you lower the price?

Slime making isn't cheap. Glue costs money. Shipping supplies cost money. Slime ingredients, containers, sticker paper, etc. all cost money. If my prices were lower, I wouldn't make any profit from my sales - I'd just be making the money back that I spent on supplies. This is my job, so I make a profit from my sales. If you don't agree with that, then you're free to buy from someone else. 


If you send me this emoji ? when dming me, I'll know that you read my faq :)




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